Portland Parking Garage F.A.Q.’s

MHR Portland Parking Garage Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I become a monthly customer?

A.  Contact Customer Service to see if there is space available. If there aren’t any spaces available, your name will be placed on our waiting list. Monthly Parking Customer information can be found here.

Q:  What do I do about a lost or damaged parking pass situation?

A.  If you’ve lost / damaged your parking pass card and it needs replacement, please contact Customer Service right away. A $20.00 fee will be charged at the time of pickup.

Q:  How do I get my vehicle if it is still parked in a garage after hours?

A.  Call (207) 358-7888 for immediate dispatch assistance. In addition to the incurred hourly parking fees, there is a $25 (credit card only) fee for after hours garage lockouts.

Q:  Do you have parking for motorcycles or scooters?

A.  We do not. However, the city does provide multiple motorcycle / scooter parking locations around the Old Port for up to 10hrs of FREE parking.

Q:  Are the MHR Parking Garages / Offices closed on any holidays?

A.  Yes. The Casco Bay Parking Garage is open year round, but the other parking garages as well as the MHR Management Office do close for certain holidays. That information can be found here.

Q:  Do you have restrooms available at any of your Garages?

A.  No, we do not. Here is a listing of available Portland Public Restrooms.

Q:  Is the Casco Bay Parking Garage associated with the Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal? Can I park here for free when using the Ferry Terminal?

A.  Sorry, but no. We just happen to be neighbors.

Q:  Can I lend my monthly pass to a friend or family member?

A.  Typically, no. Unless you request special permission from Management, passes are non transferable and you may be at risk of violating your parking agreement. Please reference your parking agreement for further information or call the office.

Q:  Do you offer special parking rates during a citywide parking ban?

A. Yes, ONLY The Temple Street Garage offers Snow Ban Parking. Beginning 5pm the night of and must vacate the garage no later than 8am the next morning. Failure to vacate the garage by 8am will result in being charged our hourly and daily rates.

B. The Casco Bay Garage and the Custom House Garage do not offer any special snow ban parking. If you park in either garage during a citywide snow ban, you will be charged for each hour you are in the garage. Please refer to our hourly and daily rates on our garage specific links.

If you have a question not answered here, contact us. There is a good chance others may have the same question. We’ll list the question and appropriate answer right here.